El Bolson localidad de aprox. 30.000 habitantes ubicada al SO de la Pcia. de Rio Negro y en plena region boscosa andino patagonica argentina

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Camino al Cajon del Azul



This circuit joins up the Hielo Azul, Lago Natación, Cajón del Azul refuge huts and others further away without the need to go back to El Bolsón town.


Al Lago Natacion


The track is marked in the same way as the one used to get to the Hielo Azul refuge hut, red and yellow marks painted on round small sheets.


Marcas sendero Hielo Azul


To begin the circuit you have to go back ten minutes on the same track you took to get to the refuge until you see the ¨Lago Natación¨ sign and an arrow indicating a turn to your left.


hongos el bolson


Immediately you will reach the Teno stream which you cross over using a fallen tree. There is a red rope used as a rail.


Afterwards you will find a steep climb that lasts about fourty-five minutes.


As soon as you reach the top of the small hill you will be able to see a lagoon which you should walk round on the left side. The track turns to the west (left). Five minutes later you reach a fork. The track to your right takes you to Wharton, a farm from where you can go straight back to El Bolsón town.


Lago Natacion Hielo Azul


The one to the left will take you to the Lago Natación refuge hut after about 10 minutes more walking.


In order to continue to El Cajón del Azul Refugio you should border the Natación lake on the right following the red and yellow marks. Cross some flat land surrounded by trees and then start an abrupt descent through a lenga forest.


Bosque de lengas


After about twenty minutes you will cross over a stream that comes from the Natación Lake and in twenty minutes more you will reach a viewpoint from which you can see the Azul River Valley.


Mirador del Valle del Azul El Bolson Patagonia Argentina


From now onwards the descent is really steep and you will walk through different kinds of forest. Forty-five minutes later, when the steep descent comes to an end, you will come to a wide track, the main access to El Cajón del Azul refuge . Turn to your left.


Sendero al Cajon del Azul


In about fifteen minutes the track joins the Azul River where it turns to the left and gets narrower. There is a steep climb for about twenty minutes. Then you cross over the river by a wooden bridge and walk through some fields and fruit plantations till you reach the refuge.


Cajon del Azul


Height: 1400 meters

Walk rating: Difficult


It is recommended to register and obtain the appropriate information before trekking.





Escalada en El Bolson


Bosque de lengas

Lengas colors the mountain in the environs of the Refuge of Hielo Azul | El Bolson Patagonia



Lenga, way a Lago Natacion


Lago Natacion

A rainy day in the Hielo Azul. In the photo: Lago Natacion | El Bolson Patagonia Argentina


Arroyo Teno El Bolson Hielo Azul

The Stream Teno | El Bolson Patagonia Argentina


Flores Topa Topa

Flowers "Topatopa" in the forest of Hielo Azul


Hongo del Hielo Azul

Fungi to the side of the way, while the footpath goes into but in the forest that little by little in its reduction, change, happening of Lengas to Cypresses, cohiues, arrayanes...


Cohiues, alerces, cipreses

The Forest next to Cajon del Azul | El Bolson Patagonia Argentina


Cajon del Azul El Bolson Cajon del Azul


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El Bolson es una localidad de aproximadamente 30.000 habitantes ubicada al SO de la Pcia. de Rio Negro y en plena region boscosa andino patagonica argentina ( C.P. ARN8430  Caracteristica telefonica: 02944 ) Turismo: Agroturismo, turismo aventura, montañismo, campamentismo, esqui, turismo rural. Informes Turisticos: 02944 455336, Municipalidad: 02944 492204 Correo: 02944 492231 - Juzgado de Paz: 02944 492370 | Refugio Hielo Azul El Bolson Patagonia Argentina

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In summer season, begin the trekking from Hielo Azul before 2pm, so as to take full advantage of the daylight so as to complete the trip without any difficulty. Fill up with water from the main streams, Teno and Desagüe del Lago Natación. Walk along the marked tracks (red and yellow marks) If you get lost, return to the last seen mark and look for the other marks on trees. Do not make fire or camp away from the indicated areas.

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