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A new world-wide school of karate has been born from the mountains of the Argentinean Patagonia, and it is seen to be very healthy, solid and real. It is not an improvisation into the hands of an adventurer.

Patagonia, Alamos, El Bolson

His founder is Sensei Gerardo Cantore. An original teacher in KARATE OF OKINAWA (Uruguayan of birth, Argentinean by option) graduated like Kudan (9º Dan) in the lineage as the Great Teacher Tatsuo Shimabuko (Isshin ryu), and that is also 9 º Dan in Aikijujitsu and 9º Dan in Shorin Ryu Karate do. All graduations recognized today in Japon and anywhere in the world. Parallelly, he completed his formation living many years in East (Japan, China, Thailand, Laos, India, Nepal, Russia…), in Schools of Martial Arts, Temples, and with local people, the way the local people live, practicing Karate, Kobudo, Aikijujitsu, Muay Thai, Wing Chun, Mantis, Box, Taichi.

Patagonia Argentina

Also, he lived one year like Buddhist Monk , doing hard training of Meditation, also in the forest in Laos – Indochina, and in the Himalayas in Nepal. Today he practices and teaches his own system of karate: SHINSHINKAN KARATE DO. Its approach is universal, do not participate in competitions, is a strong karate , complete, with all the spices of the true karate. The examinations are not paid, but to graduate is not an easy thing.

Cerro Piltriquitron El Bolson

The annual encounter in the mountains of the Argentinean Patagonia are developed in the middle of the purest nature. Complete training in spirit of brotherhood and with a lot of physical, mental and spiritual force. Balanced training: taiso (heating) to the dawn, smooth run , katas (tecnical forms) in the forests, customized classes of soke correcting one to one , one by one, to everybodyl. Kotekitae (fortification), rests underneath the millenarians trees of the Patagonia, healthy international interchange with instructors worldwide, in correct coexistence for one week, with great respect and harmonic work, finishing the day with zazen (meditation) to the entrance of the sun, in a frame of a paradisiac landscape, in one of the purest places of the planet, where pollution is zero, the air is pure and water can be drunk from the creeks flowing between the rocks.


Shinshinkan Cantore El Bolson


Cantore y el Cerro Piltriquitron El Bolson Rio Negro Patagonia Argentina


El Maestro Cantore en el Mirador del Azul, El Bolson Patagonia Argentina

Mirador del Rio Azul | El Bolson Patagonia

Mirador del Azul El Bolson Patagonia Argentina