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Was born in 2000, but in only 7 years has already members in countries of Asia, Europe and America.

El Bolson Patagonia Argentina Shinshinkan

GERARDO CANTORE was born (who knows exactly why…) in Montevideo, Uruguay. When he was 4 years old he showed inclination towards East and by the age of 7 he began his formation in the Martial Arts. He practiced Karate (in the Erwin School) and Aikijujitsu (in the Kamakura Institute, located on the Mercedes street )parallely. Cantore was born in a wealthy family of Montevideo in the district of Positos. By the age of 12 he left his house to go to high school, in a private school in outskirts of Montevideo. Then he would begin a no-return way of luggage, trains, boats, bus, hitchhiking, temples, dojos, houses, routes, meals, no meals , Masterful, places, cultures, countries, etc…

Cantore Gerardo

It was its destiny, evidently.

He never stoped practising his loved Okinawa Karate and Aikijujitsu. In 1979 he leaves to Uruguay with Argentina as his destination, his first port. He went to the University where he studys Philosophy and Theology and practices Martial Arts with the best local Teachers. He never let go any opportunities to practice with whichever Teacher he found on his way : «I always tried to find people with whom to learn and to who to teach and that was the way I earned a place to sleep and a meal. I do not need more than that – he says – I would had liked to have the luck of having a Teacher next to me all my life , but my destiny was another one, and I did not choose it , but I adapted myself to what the life wants from me» In Argentina he practiced with the Teachers of the Instructors of Uruguay.

Cantore in Spain

In Japan with the Teachers of the Instructors of Argentina.

In China, he trained the roots of the systems of Japan and in India, the roots of the Chinese systems.

Between the Teachers who formed , corrected, examined and graduated him we can name : Geo London (Aikijujitsu) Uruguay, Shoei Miyazato (Karate) Argentina. Masatoshi Oshiro (Karate) Peru, Katsuya Miyahira (Karate) Japan, Angi Uezu (Karate) Japan. Shi Yeng Houng (Shaolin Monk) Chinese. Maha Soumboun (Meditation) Laos. Yeshe Tensing Sanyang (Meditation) Nepal. Osshoni Sasaki (Meditation) India. It is graduated like: 9º Dan in Karate and Kobudo de Okinawa Isshin Ryu 9º Dan in Aikijujitsu Takeda Ryu, and 9º Dan in Shorin Ryu Karate do.

Recently he received th 10º Dan in Shinshinkan Karate (all his experience in a system) recognized 10º Dan by Teachers of the previous generation in the other systems. Internationally , Gerardo Cantore has now already ( in only 7 years) students in 3 continents.


Shinshinkan El Bolson Patagonia


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Gerardo Cantore en Rusia

Maestro Gerardo Cantore en Rusia

Tatami shinshinkan

Diversas publicaciones internacionales

Diverse international publications in which it has been spread work of the Master Gerardo Cantore in 25 countries. At the moment it has been sent in Italy a collection of DVDs de Shinshinkan in a prestigious magazine of martial arts.