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It is notorious how Teachers of Different Martial Arts and cultures aproach this amazing Teacher (Because of the simple and Young person he is ). He is Natural and per moments coarse that confuse you in the beginning, until you begin to see and to feel his classes. Some lamas monks even have said of him: «surely he is a great teacher coming from the past cause there is no other way to understand his knowledge on philosophy and Martial Arts techniques». Gerardo Cantore (today with 40 years of International experience ) is also a Grandmaster member of the World Head Of Family Sokeship Council since year 2000. He is nowadays ambassador for Latinoamerica of this important world-wide Council . He is an advisor in Okinawa Karate Kobudo and Aikijujitsu of several world-wide organizations. He has recorded videos as well as some of his students, of Okinawa Karate and Aikijujitsu for important Video companies of Europe and the USA like Budo International Magazine, Yamazato Videos and others. He also have been Interviewed by magazines, newspapers, TV channels and radios of: Japan, Laos, India, Nepal, the USA, Argentina, Chile, Russia, Peru, Uruguay, China, and others… Today he chooses to absolutely resign to to all the hierarchies and assuming this new stage completely:

Soke of Shinshinkan Karate do (Founding and world-wide head)»With this I have enough. I will do the best possible thing in the years that I have left in this life. This is my part and my place in this life «will try to leave good teachers so that they can follow soon.

Tired of the politics of the Arts Martial, of the businesses and the negotiated, he is opened to share the common thing, and to show Shinshinkan Karate do to whoever wnat to know it. Far away from the competitions in anyone of its forms. Just sweating and transparency.

«If it is requested to me a synthesis, I would say to them: I practice karate do. I learn from those who know more and I teach to those who know less. It is my form to evolve integrally and to help the others. I share the common thing, I leave differences in the house, I look for the center. From the technical and philosophical point of view karate is one. SHINSHINKAN is strong body and mind within a moral life. Karate is universal already . We do not bring nor we took cultures with karate. Karate is empty, clean. Competitions? We do not need them. I invite you to watch the faces of «winners» and «losers» in the soccer world cup for example: euphoric or gotten depressed, something lacks, there is no balance. Single practice is the spirit of zen and karate is a son of zen.

I do not introduce myself as a great fighter. I do it as a maker. There is a little group of students formed , or improved by me that begins to show SHINSHINKAN KARATE DO

Noncontact fights??.. Pardon, I do not understand… Schools? Karate has too much in common to remain in the differences. Let us be one, we respect the ranks without concerning schools, never can be more important the kan than the ryu, as never can be more important the ryu than the karate. And of course never the Karate can be more important than the BUDO (Martial Arts) .The old generation is dying; let’s take the responsibility now… Let’s do it well, for respect to our elder and gratitude to our younger ones.

Let’s not live the illusion to represent a medieval character of another culture, nor to pass us to the sport. It is not necessary to be Argentine to dance Tango or English to play soccer. An era of karate in Japan has finished. Even me, that I am a mediocre instructor, have students in Japan. The Karate is property of everybody, is Universal. We thanks for this legacy to the humanity but no longer should be underneath some specific culture, much less a religion. In Shinshinkan we share, with no problems, there is people with different cientifics, religious ,creeds, politics beleifs , without difficulty because they will leave the differences outside the dojo (training place) when they go to practice.The Karate philosophy is simple: Fortification of the body and the mind with moral life. Practice, silence, sweat, to listen to the greater experienced and experimentation. (the teachers should only mark the general principles in class and the student should investigate the in the practices)

If you want it like this, support your teacher and this way you will build together a good school, that some day will pass on to the next generation;This way all the work done byb our greater ones of the previous generations, plus our work will be passed to the next generation.
If your teacher has 70% of what you are lokking for, follow him! Don’t lose that 70% beacause of the missing 30% and when you become a master teach that 30% that is yours to your students. If you are an experienced black belt you should know that Soke Gerardo USHI Cantore think like this: «Shinshinkan Karate Do is: My experience plus yours in your students students «.

Let’ just do it well

(*) USHI well = Buffalo Man: pseudonym by which Gerardo Cantore is known in some Dojos and Temples of Asia.

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