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The intention is to decodify the essence of the martial arts and to arise that way from the Patagonia, that is one of the protected places for the future of the planet, proposing the martial art as a way of internal fight, for the inner evolution, without losing the roots and the foundations.

Patagonia Argentina Shinshinkan Karate Do

With the necessity of finding the purity in the sense, shaving all cultural aspects, and going deep to what it is related to the human being and his necessity of evolution, and finding that evolution in the union with the nature.

«This does not mean to discard the good things that the technology can offer, like comfortable tools, as long as they do not replace the internal search because then we would lock in ourselves in the line of the» relative thing «.», Cantore emphasizes.

Question : Does this project involve the integration of millenarian cultures with the one of the original towns or the roots of the Patagonia?

Grand Master Cantore: «we don’t intend to mix cultures, because they are already one. The man is one. It would be a good argument of marketing but the human being is one. To remain in the surface is just that, to remain in the surface. The common thing is the same. There are no differences. I think that that is what I have learned after I lived in 25 countries.»

Cantore is a teacher formed with level of masters in two main traditional martial arts. From here he reaches the conclusion that all type of cultural support must move foward deeper and once there, discovers that there are no differences, for example, between the culture of east or the patagónica native.

«Then», it stands out, «Let’s return to the beginning. Let us arise from the Patagonia.»

Piltriquitron El Bolson Patagonia Argentina Shinshinkan Karate Do

In the photography Master Cantore reverence to the Piltriquitron Mountain.


El Bolson Patagonia Shinshinkan


Cantore en las monta?as de la Patagonia

Mirador del Rio Azul | El Bolson Patagonia

Patagonia Shinshinkan

El Bolson Patagonia Argentina Shinshinkan